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The first step to your loan is the non-binding and of course free credit inquiry, which you can send conveniently and easily using the online form provided. “Credit without Credit Bureau” – so you get a “loan despite Credit Bureau” with a loan request and / or a loan application, it is usually impossible to bypass Credit Bureau.

Express credit without Credit Bureau – now credit request location

Express credit without Credit Bureau - now credit request location

This is the rule, but on the other hand it does not mean that there are not a large number of borrowers who are not supposed to be successful with the credit institutions during the first attempts. What do you need a loan for? Conditions for loan disbursement created. Credit Bureau entries? Recommend some good offers. My last question: do you prefer to repay the loan quickly or slowly?

We have put together %%% num %%%% suitable loan offers for you. One of the main reasons why a loan application is ultimately rejected by one or more credit institutions is often a poor credit rating. In this case there is at least one entrance in the Credit Bureau, which can be described as a so-called negative feature. This is the so-called “credit-free credit”.

The Credit Bureau and why is it so important? The German institutes only use relatively few features when assessing customer creditworthiness. Basically, the institutes attribute the credibility of their customers to two influencing factors, namely the result and the Credit Bureau value. Because sufficient income, especially in connection with current expenses, is an indispensable prerequisite for the granting of a loan, the credit institutions attach great importance to the information provided by Credit Bureau.

With Credit Bureau as such, a credit institution has emerged that collects as much relevant information as possible about German citizens. The creditworthiness of the respective client is then assessed on the basis of this information. In summary, this is done via a so-called Credit Bureau score. It is a point value that enables credit institutions to see at a glance how good an individual customer’s credit rating is.

This means that the institutions do not even have to deal with the individual data from the Credit Bureau credit report, but can only see from this point in time how good the creditworthiness is. If this Credit Bureau score is not sufficient, the house bank will in most cases return the application for credit. Today there are a large number of companies that obtain information from Credit Bureau in order to be able to assess their customers.

These include not only credit institutions, but also the following companies and individuals who use Credit Bureau as proof of credit: This short list already shows how important it is that there is no negative Credit Bureau entry. In the worst case, a negative characteristic can result in the consumer in question not even being able to rent a holiday home, as more and more landowners are asking Credit Bureau first.

The advantages

The advantages

In the financial sector, of course, this has even more negative effects, because with the negative entry of Credit Bureau, many consumers have the dilemma that they can neither get a cell phone contract nor take out health insurance and even less have no credit claim. What are the disadvantages? First there are the negatives that are officially certified by the Credit Bureau and are regarded as so-called negative characteristics.

In this case, it is highly likely that a German house bank will even apply for a loan. On the other hand, however, it must be taken into account that in most cases the borrower is more likely to abuse it if there is such a negative entry in the credit agency. However, other negative characteristics indicate that the consumer is not too precise in his duties or has no control over his financial situation.

This is especially true if one of the following features is stored in the Credit Bureau: With these negative features, it is hardly possible, at least in Germany, to submit a loan application to a local house bank. In this case, the borrower should either do everything in his power to have the negative Credit Bureau entry deleted or removed as quickly as possible, or seek so-called loans without Credit Bureau.

A large part of the negative properties stored in the Credit Bureau indicate bad behavior of the person concerned. All credit offers have been checked by the issuer! * The number of times our website visitor has read the corresponding offer in the past 30 days. In view of the situation described above, there are quite a few consumers in Germany who did not take out a loan from a house bank established in Germany due to a bad Credit Bureau entry.

However, there is a way out for these people, ie for the foreign lenders. With the Credit Bureau, a facility is available that is used almost exclusively by German companies to form a judgment on the creditworthiness of the customers. Credit Bureau is sometimes known in most other countries, but is not perceived intensely by the lender.

This is precisely the possibility of people who have a bad Credit Bureau entry. So-called lending without Credit Bureau, ie lending that takes place without Credit Bureau information, is less direct with potential foreign banks, but usually a credit institution appears that carries out such lending. Because Germany is an enormous sales financing, there are some neighboring countries, among others, in which foreign banks are usually able to provide a loan without Credit Bureau, ie among other things, via credit intermediaries: Credit Bureau:

Since in many cases either lenders or brokers come from Switzerland, loans without credit agency queries are often offered under the Swiss Loan brand. But even if the Credit Bureau information is no longer important, you as a borrower should not assume that you will be granted loans without Credit Bureau in practice. Rather, there are other conditions that may be even more important than traditional bank loans.

In most cases, it is the foreign banks that issue an emergency loan without Credit Bureau. It is therefore advisable to limit yourself to external service providers and credit institutions when looking for such financing without Credit Bureau. What are the requirements for the express credit business without Credit Bureau? As already mentioned, credit-free lending is referred to when procuring Credit Bureau information, but of course the corresponding lender naturally checks the creditworthiness of a client.

In any case, this applies to all serious bids, even though there are unfortunately a lot of bids for loans without Credit Bureau information, which are said to have an over-benefit effect for the consumer. However, this is not the norm, so it is easily possible to have a reputable lender even for loans without Credit Bureau. The most common requirements that also apply to us if you want to use our service to carry out a detailed credit comparison in the Credit without Credit Bureau business area are above all: These regulations and requirements apply to many lenders operating in the Credit without Credit Bureau business area.

In addition, for borrowers who are self-employed or self-employed, it is necessary for accounting documents to be submitted or for the corresponding activity to be carried out for a period of at least three years. From this exemplary list it can be seen that even with express credit without Credit Bureau great importance is attached to a regular and sufficiently high salary.

Of course, the lender in question wants to ensure that the agreed payments are paid correctly. Characteristics of credits without Credit Bureau and how can I find them? The character of a loan without Credit Bureau is discussed relatively quickly and plausibly. First, it can be assumed that loans without Credit Bureau are similar in structure to the normal installment loans that are granted by many credit institutions in this country.

The only essential difference is that the creditor does not consider Credit Bureau as proof of creditworthiness. Otherwise, express loans without Credit Bureau work like all other loans, ie the loan amount, the interest rate, the due date and the monthly installment are taken into account with a steady repayment of the loan amount until the loan volume has been repaid in full.

For all potential borrowers who want to use a letter of credit without Credit Bureau, the interesting idea is where and how to get such loans. One option is to search for a bank that offers its services, for example, via a website from Switzerland. In this case, it is necessary for you to find a bank. It is therefore advisable to first consult a specialist like us in order to carry out a free and independent credit comparison for you.

This comparison has the advantage that several offers can be viewed and you can specify individual details for the credit without Credit Bureau, which personally seems the most suitable for you. Of course, you can not only compare loans without Credit Bureau, but we also have other loan options, such as car loans, loans for the self-employed or instant loans.

Express credit without Credit Bureau has been used by more and more consumers in recent years, because a negative Credit Bureau entry almost always led to the rejection of a loan application in Germany. In this way, we can quickly and easily offer you the cheapest loan without credit report on the best terms that meet your needs.

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