Solar credit: borrow cheaply and securely

Solar systems are still enjoying great demand. But a modern and powerful photovoltaic system on the private roof costs money. Depending on the roof area, four to five-digit amounts have to be financed if your own money is insufficient. Banks offer special solar loans here. In order to finance the solar system as cheaply as possible, a comparison of different loans is essential. for further explanation

The essentials in brief:

  • A photovoltaic system is usually financed with a solar loan.
  • The financing, which is often referred to as photovoltaic loan, is carried out 100% by the bank up to certain loan amounts.
  • As a rule, the system or the income from the feed-in tariff is sufficient as collateral.
  • The conditions vary depending on the bank and target group of the loan offers, whereby the special requirements and requirements must be observed.
  • Both the interest and the acquisition and its ancillary costs are tax-deductible.

What is a solar loan anyway?

What is a solar loan anyway?

In practice, the solar loan to finance a photovoltaic system is often referred to as a photovoltaic loan. Many loans for solar systems are granted by the state credit institution for reconstruction (Fine Bank). However, some environmental banks also offer promotional loans. In addition to so-called eco-loans, these also have loan offers tailored to the financing of photovoltaic systems. But solar loans can also be classic installment loans from commercial or regional banks.

If the new solar system does not exceed a certain investment sum, it is usually fully financed by the bank. Then the plant itself or its future income from the feed-in tariff serves as security. Otherwise, the banks require the customary collateral like a land register entry.

Terms and conditions for a solar loan

Terms and conditions for a solar loan

An essential point before taking out a loan for solar systems are the terms and conditions required by the banks. In the case of solar credit, these depend on:

  1. Applicant: It makes a difference who makes the application for a solar loan. The conditions can be very different depending on your professional affiliation or target group. The banks particularly target the following:
  • Private households
  • Employees
  • Self-employed and freelancers
  • Investors
  • nonprofit associations as well
  • Operating companies
  • private companies
  • Companies with public shareholders
  1. Amount of the loan amount: If, for example, a loan amount of more than 50,000 dollars has been requested for the solar loan, a land register entry is often required as security. Otherwise, financing without equity is entirely possible. Depending on the provider, maximum limits for the loan amounts are also set.

  2. Installation location of the system: As a rule, the location for the system to be financed is that it must be installed in Germany. Individual lenders, if they only have regional business areas, then only finance the photovoltaic systems there or in individual federal states.

  3. Properties and quality of the system: The Fine Bank development bank, for example, places detailed requirements on the quality and certain properties of the system. The solar modules used must be disposed of in a certain way at the end of their service life. The manufacturer has to guarantee that. It is also a condition that construction has not yet started. To this end, Fine Bank will make the photovoltaic loan repayment-free in the first three years of the term. This has the advantage that loan installments are only payable when the system generates the relevant income. In addition, all banks carefully check the properties and quality of the systems only before submitting offers from photovoltaic specialists. Ultimately, future earnings from the feed-in tariff also depend on this.

Tax deductibility of a solar loan

Tax deductibility of a solar loan

After the feed-in tariffs have dropped in recent years, an investment in a solar system has to be calculated a little more closely. The possibilities of being able to deduct these from tax allow loan-financed expenditure in photovoltaic systems to appear in an even better light. In principle, photovoltaic systems are tax deductible. These include:

  • Costs of running the plant: This includes the interest on the loan for photovoltaics that can be deducted. Furthermore, all contributions to photovoltaic insurance and rented electricity meters can also be claimed.
  • Acquisition costs as well as incidental acquisition costs: This includes, for example, the installation of the photovoltaic system and for the purchase of additional devices. They are amortized over the years of their useful life.

Solar credit: possible without equity?

Solar credit: possible without equity?

If you want to finance a photovoltaic system, you will first have to ask yourself: Should the photovoltaic system be paid for by credit or – at least in part – by equity? In a low interest rate environment and due to the tax deductibility of the purchase of a photovoltaic system, there are also good reasons to use offers for a loan for your own solar system or photovoltaics. In any case, it is important to compare different loan offers with each other. This should include both special earmarked solar loans and conventional installment loans.

Tip: The most important criterion for a comparison of photovoltaic loans is above all the effective annual interest rate. However, the required collateral and the fixed interest period should also be carefully examined. If you want to find out quickly and start a free credit comparison, you can find a comparison calculator at Across Lender

A specialized solar loan or photovoltaic loan often results in more favorable terms than a normal installment loan because it is usually used as collateral

  • the photovoltaic system to be financed applies, or
  • the proceeds from the future feed-in tariff are assigned.

For this reason, a photovoltaic loan without equity can be possible and comparatively cheap.

Solar credit is interesting despite falling feed-in tariffs

Solar credit is interesting despite falling feed-in tariffs

Despite the recent drop in feed-in tariffs, a solar loan can contribute to a worthwhile investment. The low interest rate environment as well as the high financing rate of up to 100 percent by the banks can be an incentive even for private builders to leave their ecological “footprint” in their own home.

Nevertheless, offered solar loans like conventional installment loans should be carefully checked and compared. This is the only way to ultimately find the loan with the cheapest interest. Especially since the other conditions such as fixed interest rates and repayments can vary. Before borrowers take out a solar loan, they can use the free comparison calculator from Across Lender. Cheap installment loans can be found here within minutes.


Loan request without Credit Bureau

The first step to your loan is the non-binding and of course free credit inquiry, which you can send conveniently and easily using the online form provided. “Credit without Credit Bureau” – so you get a “loan despite Credit Bureau” with a loan request and / or a loan application, it is usually impossible to bypass Credit Bureau.

Express credit without Credit Bureau – now credit request location

Express credit without Credit Bureau - now credit request location

This is the rule, but on the other hand it does not mean that there are not a large number of borrowers who are not supposed to be successful with the credit institutions during the first attempts. What do you need a loan for? Conditions for loan disbursement created. Credit Bureau entries? Recommend some good offers. My last question: do you prefer to repay the loan quickly or slowly?

We have put together %%% num %%%% suitable loan offers for you. One of the main reasons why a loan application is ultimately rejected by one or more credit institutions is often a poor credit rating. In this case there is at least one entrance in the Credit Bureau, which can be described as a so-called negative feature. This is the so-called “credit-free credit”.

The Credit Bureau and why is it so important? The German institutes only use relatively few features when assessing customer creditworthiness. Basically, the institutes attribute the credibility of their customers to two influencing factors, namely the result and the Credit Bureau value. Because sufficient income, especially in connection with current expenses, is an indispensable prerequisite for the granting of a loan, the credit institutions attach great importance to the information provided by Credit Bureau.

With Credit Bureau as such, a credit institution has emerged that collects as much relevant information as possible about German citizens. The creditworthiness of the respective client is then assessed on the basis of this information. In summary, this is done via a so-called Credit Bureau score. It is a point value that enables credit institutions to see at a glance how good an individual customer’s credit rating is.

This means that the institutions do not even have to deal with the individual data from the Credit Bureau credit report, but can only see from this point in time how good the creditworthiness is. If this Credit Bureau score is not sufficient, the house bank will in most cases return the application for credit. Today there are a large number of companies that obtain information from Credit Bureau in order to be able to assess their customers.

These include not only credit institutions, but also the following companies and individuals who use Credit Bureau as proof of credit: This short list already shows how important it is that there is no negative Credit Bureau entry. In the worst case, a negative characteristic can result in the consumer in question not even being able to rent a holiday home, as more and more landowners are asking Credit Bureau first.

The advantages

The advantages

In the financial sector, of course, this has even more negative effects, because with the negative entry of Credit Bureau, many consumers have the dilemma that they can neither get a cell phone contract nor take out health insurance and even less have no credit claim. What are the disadvantages? First there are the negatives that are officially certified by the Credit Bureau and are regarded as so-called negative characteristics.

In this case, it is highly likely that a German house bank will even apply for a loan. On the other hand, however, it must be taken into account that in most cases the borrower is more likely to abuse it if there is such a negative entry in the credit agency. However, other negative characteristics indicate that the consumer is not too precise in his duties or has no control over his financial situation.

This is especially true if one of the following features is stored in the Credit Bureau: With these negative features, it is hardly possible, at least in Germany, to submit a loan application to a local house bank. In this case, the borrower should either do everything in his power to have the negative Credit Bureau entry deleted or removed as quickly as possible, or seek so-called loans without Credit Bureau.

A large part of the negative properties stored in the Credit Bureau indicate bad behavior of the person concerned. All credit offers have been checked by the issuer! * The number of times our website visitor has read the corresponding offer in the past 30 days. In view of the situation described above, there are quite a few consumers in Germany who did not take out a loan from a house bank established in Germany due to a bad Credit Bureau entry.

However, there is a way out for these people, ie for the foreign lenders. With the Credit Bureau, a facility is available that is used almost exclusively by German companies to form a judgment on the creditworthiness of the customers. Credit Bureau is sometimes known in most other countries, but is not perceived intensely by the lender.

This is precisely the possibility of people who have a bad Credit Bureau entry. So-called lending without Credit Bureau, ie lending that takes place without Credit Bureau information, is less direct with potential foreign banks, but usually a credit institution appears that carries out such lending. Because Germany is an enormous sales financing, there are some neighboring countries, among others, in which foreign banks are usually able to provide a loan without Credit Bureau, ie among other things, via credit intermediaries: Credit Bureau:

Since in many cases either lenders or brokers come from Switzerland, loans without credit agency queries are often offered under the Swiss Loan brand. But even if the Credit Bureau information is no longer important, you as a borrower should not assume that you will be granted loans without Credit Bureau in practice. Rather, there are other conditions that may be even more important than traditional bank loans.

In most cases, it is the foreign banks that issue an emergency loan without Credit Bureau. It is therefore advisable to limit yourself to external service providers and credit institutions when looking for such financing without Credit Bureau. What are the requirements for the express credit business without Credit Bureau? As already mentioned, credit-free lending is referred to when procuring Credit Bureau information, but of course the corresponding lender naturally checks the creditworthiness of a client.

In any case, this applies to all serious bids, even though there are unfortunately a lot of bids for loans without Credit Bureau information, which are said to have an over-benefit effect for the consumer. However, this is not the norm, so it is easily possible to have a reputable lender even for loans without Credit Bureau. The most common requirements that also apply to us if you want to use our service to carry out a detailed credit comparison in the Credit without Credit Bureau business area are above all: These regulations and requirements apply to many lenders operating in the Credit without Credit Bureau business area.

In addition, for borrowers who are self-employed or self-employed, it is necessary for accounting documents to be submitted or for the corresponding activity to be carried out for a period of at least three years. From this exemplary list it can be seen that even with express credit without Credit Bureau great importance is attached to a regular and sufficiently high salary.

Of course, the lender in question wants to ensure that the agreed payments are paid correctly. Characteristics of credits without Credit Bureau and how can I find them? The character of a loan without Credit Bureau is discussed relatively quickly and plausibly. First, it can be assumed that loans without Credit Bureau are similar in structure to the normal installment loans that are granted by many credit institutions in this country.

The only essential difference is that the creditor does not consider Credit Bureau as proof of creditworthiness. Otherwise, express loans without Credit Bureau work like all other loans, ie the loan amount, the interest rate, the due date and the monthly installment are taken into account with a steady repayment of the loan amount until the loan volume has been repaid in full.

For all potential borrowers who want to use a letter of credit without Credit Bureau, the interesting idea is where and how to get such loans. One option is to search for a bank that offers its services, for example, via a website from Switzerland. In this case, it is necessary for you to find a bank. It is therefore advisable to first consult a specialist like us in order to carry out a free and independent credit comparison for you.

This comparison has the advantage that several offers can be viewed and you can specify individual details for the credit without Credit Bureau, which personally seems the most suitable for you. Of course, you can not only compare loans without Credit Bureau, but we also have other loan options, such as car loans, loans for the self-employed or instant loans.

Express credit without Credit Bureau has been used by more and more consumers in recent years, because a negative Credit Bureau entry almost always led to the rejection of a loan application in Germany. In this way, we can quickly and easily offer you the cheapest loan without credit report on the best terms that meet your needs.


Overview of credit types at banks

What types of loans are there?

What types of loans are there?

With a loan, long-cherished dreams can be realized: the new car, your own four walls or the big wedding celebration – as individual as the needs, the types of loan are as diverse. But what types of credit are there actually?

Overview of common credit types

Overview of common credit types

  • Installment loan: An installment loan is a generic term and describes the classic form of loan. You repay the loan amount received in monthly installments over a specified period.
  • Car loan: A car loan is used specifically for the purchase of a vehicle (car, motorcycle, camper). It can be used for new cars and used vehicles and is only earmarked for this occasion.
  • Home finance: Home finance is a loan that is taken out for the construction, modernization or purchase of a house or condominium.
  • Online loan: An online loan describes the procedure for awarding the loan. In most cases, it is awarded online via a comparison portal.
  • Instant loan: An instant loan is applied for online, processed within a few minutes and paid out on the same day.
  • Framework credit: With a framework credit, you are provided with a specific credit limit. This includes, for example, the overdraft facility at your bank.
  • Personal loan: A personal loan is another term for installment loan. It can be given by a bank or by private individuals.
  • Employer credit: The employer loan is granted to you by your employer. You often get better interest there than at a bank.
  • Civil servant loan: A civil servant loan has particularly favorable conditions. It is only available to civil servants, professional soldiers, or civil servants.
  • Senior credit and student loan: senior and student loans are to receive special loans for specific population groups that have a harder time a normal installment loan.

Which loan is right for me?

Borrowing is often a lot of money, so choosing the right loan type is important. The financing options differ, for example, in the purpose for which the money can be used or in the group of people for whom the loan was made. Depending on the type of loan, the loan interest rates vary and decide how expensive or how cheap the loan will be.

How do I find the right loan

Once you have found the right loan type for your project, you can benefit from favorable terms when taking out a loan. The following questions can be used to find out which type of loan it is:

  • What is the purpose?
  • Who is the borrower or which professional group does he belong to?
  • Who’s the lender?
  • Is there a framework available?
  • Where do you apply for your loan?

Loan types without and with purpose

Loan types without and with purpose

The most common type of loan without a special purpose is the classic installment loan. On the other hand, if borrowers already know what they want to use a loan for, they can save interest costs with a dedicated loan. And so the two types of loan differ from each other.

  • The classic installment loan without earmarking

    Almost all types of credit are based on the principle of the classic installment loan: They borrow a certain amount at a fixed interest rate and pay the money back in installments over a specified period. Banks offer loan amounts between $ 5,000 and $ 50,000, and some providers offer small loans from $ 1,000. To get an installment loan, you need

    • be of legal age
    • have a permanent residence in Germany and
    • have a fixed income.

    It is also important that Credit Bureau classifies you as creditworthy. Credit Bureau is the largest business information service in Germany, which uses your data to assess your creditworthiness and passes this information on to banks or retail companies. In general, the higher your credit rating, the cheaper the loan interest at which banks lend you money.

    People who do not have a good credit rating from the perspective of the banks can access a loan without Credit Bureau. These loans are granted without prior credit information. However, the providers of such consumer loans secure themselves with high, often double-digit interest rates against a possible default of the borrower. Loan brokers without prior Credit Bureau information often charge fees before a loan contract is even signed or for faster processing. Credit Bureau describes the procedures of most of these credit intermediaries as untrustworthy.

  • Installment loans with a purpose

    A dedicated loan is an installment loan that banks grant for the purchase of a particular product. That can

    • be a car loan for a vehicle
    • construction finance for the purchase of a home or
    • a modernization loan for renovations of your own four walls.

    As a rule, earmarked loans are cheaper than conventional consumer loans. This is because the bank has collateral with this type of loan. When it comes to car financing, for example, this is the newly acquired vehicle. If the borrower’s payments fail, the bank can sell the borrower and pay the outstanding balance of the loan. It is similar with real estate financing.

    Real estate loans are granted from $ 50,000 upwards, usually six-figure sums. This type of loan always includes an entry of the land charge in the land register. This mortgage enables the bank to sell or foreclosure the property if the borrower fails to make its monthly payments.

    With a loan for the renovation, repair or conversion of a property, the so-called modernization loan, no entry in the land register is necessary. Because these are usually loan amounts up to $ 50,000. Nevertheless, the security for the bank is also the property or the lower default risk of the borrower. After all, he owns property that he can sell in a financial emergency.

Types of credit for specific professional groups

Types of credit for specific professional groups

There are types of credit that are tailored to specific groups of people. This includes civil servants, civil servants, pensioners or even students. We’ll show you what they are.

  • The civil servant loan and the civil servant loan

    Officials, academics, civil servants and professional soldiers offer banks the civil servant loan. Since the default risk of borrowers with these professions is low, these groups receive loans at particularly favorable conditions. In contrast to the civil servant loan, the civil servant loan is taken out together with a life insurance or a pension insurance. The borrower pays the insurance at the monthly repayment installment, which is used to pay off the loan at the end of the term.

  • Senior loan and student loan

    When lending to a bank, it is often crucial for the bank whether the borrower is in permanent employment. As a rule, this does not apply to pensioners or students. It is therefore often difficult for these groups of people to obtain a loan. In the meantime, however, there are special types of credit for them. The student loan is granted, for example, by the Across Lender and has the special feature that it only has to be paid off after graduation. Some banks also offer special types of loans for older people. The senior loan contractually stipulates the age up to which it must be repaid in full – usually up to 75 or 80 years.

Lender: Not only banks grant loans

An alternative to loans from the bank are loans from private individuals, the employer or an insurance company. Find out what advantages these types of credit have for you and what you should consider.

  • The personal loan

    A loan from private individuals can be a loan from relatives or friends, but also a so-called private loan, also called peer-to-peer loan (peer = English for equal rights) or P2P loan for short. Other names for this type of loan are P2P lending or social lending (lending = English for credit, lending). Individuals can borrow money from private investors via online credit brokerage platforms. The personal loan is particularly suitable for the self-employed and freelancers who find it difficult to obtain a loan from the bank due to their irregular income. In turn, private investors can use the lending transactions to invest small sums at short notice and benefit from high returns.

  • The employer loan

    Another source of credit can be your own boss. The so-called employer loan, also known as employer loan or employee loan, is an employer loan that is often cheaper than a bank loan. The lending ties the employee to the company. The contact person for this consumer credit is usually either the HR department or the works council. The loan agreement should specify how the loan will be dealt with in the event of termination before the loan expires. There are several options here:

    • You can continue to pay the monthly installments as regulated in the loan agreement,
    • the favorable interest rate is adjusted to market interest rates or
    • You must pay the remaining credit amount to the company immediately if you have canceled yourself.
  • The policy loan

    If you have life insurance or private pension insurance, an insurance company can also be a lender. With the so-called policy loan, you borrow your life insurance. Since life insurance serves as security for the lender, the interest rates for policy loans are often as low as for special-purpose loans. Some banks also offer this type of loan.

These are the ways to apply for a loan

There are several ways to take out a loan. The most common is the application via the bank branch, but more and more loan contracts are also being concluded by other means. We explain which are.

  • The online loan

    In 2014, 32% of all loans in Germany were taken out online. Because you usually receive a loan approval within a few minutes with this type of application, the online loan is also called an instant loan.

    Even when you are looking for the best offer, you save a lot of time when you use an online comparison. This means that you receive several offers at once after an inquiry and do not have to inquire about the various offers yourself at the banks. In addition, the effective interest rate or real interest rate, which already includes all loan fees, is usually shown here. This will make it easier for you to compare the different loan offers. Other advantages of an online comparison:

    • The latest loan rates on the market are always shown in comparison.
    • Both direct banks and online banks are represented in a comparison. The costs for an online loan can differ greatly here, so it is important to compare the conditions.
    • When applying for an online loan, you save time and money because you can request a loan from several providers and ultimately choose the cheapest offer.

    With our installment loan comparison and car loan comparison you get an overview of current interest rates and loan providers. Our comparisons are free of charge and the credit request is non-binding.

  • The zero percent financing

    Many borrowers are not even aware of another type of application for a loan: For example, anyone who contracts zero-percent financing for the new laptop in the electronics business usually signs a loan agreement. The lender is a bank with which the dealer cooperates. We recommend that you do not conclude zero percent financing spontaneously, but first read through the contract in peace. Because often there is no right of withdrawal with this form of consumer credit. That is, even if you withdraw from buying the product, you will still have to pay the installments to the retailer’s partner bank.

Loans with a credit line: credit lines

Loans with a credit line: credit lines

Framework loans are not classic installment loans. Credit cards with a credit line include, for example, the credit card. You have the option to exhaust a certain limit and only pay interest on the amount claimed. The overdraft facility of your checking account is also a framework credit. You can use a limited amount in addition to your credit, in return you pay high interest, usually over ten percent. Since an installment loan is often cheaper than a regular overdraft facility, it is often advisable to reschedule the overdraft facility.


Some tips to take advantage of the best consumer credit rate

Not implying a duty to justify its use, consumer credit is at the forefront of the most requested and best known loans in Belgium. When a person requests a credit, he must wait for this loan for the successful completion of his personal project. In order to take full advantage of the amount of money obtained through this and to avoid falling into the vicious cycle of over-indebtedness, it is better to study all the offers and choose the one that is most advantageous.

To take out a loan for the purchase of consumer products, it has become very practical in Belgium. There are more and more private organizations and other financial institutions that offer personal loan offers in Belgium.

The negotiation…

The negociation…

Of course, the rate of consumer credit is rarely negotiable with the banks. This is what sets it apart from home loans. However, it’s not a crazy idea to want to try everything when thousands of dollars are put into play. Negotiation has always been an effective means. In order to make great savings and pay as little interest as possible. Consumer loan applicants who meet all of the conditions and have every chance at their side can expect a loan with favorable conditions from a bank or other lender. Not having a history of “bad payer” or other heavy debts outstanding, as well as loyalty to a lender can be assets to obtain consumer credit at the best rate.

The comparison…

The comparison…

It’s about taking a look at a serious credit website. Nowadays, these sites offer a handy tool that can help compare multiple credit offers at one time. In addition, the results are reliable and are displayed quickly. All the information concerning the granting of credit is also presented with these online rate comparators: conditions for obtaining a consumer loan, early repayment, application fees, advantages… The comparison allows all those who plan to borrow money, find the most favorable consumer credit offer for their situation.

The simulation…

The simulation…

For more concrete, digital communication has also allowed the use of an ingenious tool which is very useful in the field of credit. Thanks to an online consumer loan simulator, a credit applicant can start by making a kind of trial with the offer that tempts them. This provides important information: how much can he borrow? For how long ? Does the rate suit him? This information is essential to properly organize the financing of a car or for a project that is essential for the applicant.

However, it is always better to turn to a professional broker or other financial expert to be sure that you are making the right choice when it comes to consumer loans. The results of a simulation can only be indicative. Most lenders take many parameters depending on the profile of the borrower. The offer may be different from one profile to another because the creditworthiness, the income, the amount of the loan and its duration as well as the personal contribution of the borrower can affect the rate. Credit that is determined to be at risk could cost more.


Requirements for a loan guarantee on the part of the bank

If loan contracts are concluded, the borrower is usually required to provide collateral for this. With these collateral, the bank wants to minimize the risk that a change in the financial situation of the debtor will lead to a default on the loan. In the case of construction finance, the registration of land charges has generally prevailed as security. However, if the value of the property is not sufficient or if the loan is used for other purposes, such as opening a business, the suretyship can be used as additional security. A guarantee is provided by a person who then, in the event of the borrower’s insolvency, vouches for his obligations towards the bank.

Loan with a guarantor

Loan with a guarantor

The most frequently used guarantee in Germany is the jointly liable maximum guarantee. In this form, the guarantor waives the so-called objection of advance action. The bank can thus contact the guarantors as soon as the borrower is in arrears with even a single installment. In order not to have to pay for all of the borrower’s liabilities, the guarantee is limited by specifying the respective loans for which the guarantor is liable. In this case, however, it applies indefinitely. In order to protect the guarantor, who in some cases only has such a contract out of financial ruin because of emotional attachment to the borrower (example: guarantee of the parents for their child, guarantee of the spouse) Today, the conditions must be met for the guarantee to be accepted and to become final.

The perfect credit rating of a guarantor

The perfect credit rating of a guarantor

One of the most important requirements is that the guarantor has a perfect credit rating. As with the borrower, this is checked on the basis of self-disclosure, proof of salary and tax assessments. If the guarantor is independent, the bank’s balance sheets and business evaluations must continue to be submitted. On the basis of these documents, the solvency of the guarantor is to be determined and checked whether, in the worst case, the guarantor can pay the credit installments out of his income. If this is not the case, the guarantee cannot be accepted. Furthermore, the guarantor also checks the Credit Bureau data; this requires consent to the Credit Bureau clause. The payment behavior is to be assessed on the basis of this data.

If there are negative entries, for example from a loan that has already been canceled, the guarantee must also be rejected here. In order to be able to sign a surety agreement at all, the guarantor must still be fully operational. For natural persons, this means, for example, that they must be over the age of 18. The signing of the guarantor takes place at the bank on a specially created form. In order to grant the guarantor, like the borrower, the right of revocation, the guarantor must sign the declaration of revocation. This authorizes him to cancel the contract in writing within two weeks after signature, without stating reasons.


Serious Loans Without Credit Bureau Information

Anyone who seriously arranges a loan without Credit Bureau never makes promises for which it is not foreseeable whether they can be kept, especially if they themselves cannot decide whether to grant the loan. Abroad Swiss credit Quick confirmation Without Credit Bureau entry or information Serious & without fees Swiss credit protection, Loans without Credit Bureau are de facto not available from German banks. A Swiss loan from abroad Rapid approval Without Credit Bureau entry or information Serious & without fees Secure Swiss loan In principle, a serious loan without Credit Bureau is possible above all if the aspect of Credit Bureau freedom is not separately in the borrower Invoice is issued. Ads advertise loan-free items in the brightest colors. The Fine Bank from Lichtenstein is a serious “loan without Credit Bureau” provider.

Serious recognition without Credit Bureau information

Serious recognition without Credit Bureau information

Does a serious loan sound without Credit Bureau information to you? Advertisements advertise loan-free loans in the brightest shades. It is highly recommended that the advertising industry be subjected to a critical examination, especially when it comes to financial offers without Credit Bureau. We’ll help you find credit with real credit details without Credit Bureau information. Serious recognition without Credit Bureau information – nothing is possible?

In the area of ​​letter of credit advertising for non-credit foreign credit, nothing impossible appears. Google searches for the right offer for almost every keyword without Credit Bureau. Often, the advertisement even suggests the possibility to approve loan offers of up to $ 100,000 and much more. Some slogans have little to do with ethical credit advertising.

Without Credit Bureau information, a serious credit can be clearly defined. An unsubstantiated loan application from a natural person or a licensed foreign bank would be legal. It is simply naive to think that private financiers would go through the whole empire with the wealth and grant free credit. Outside the circle of acquaintances, nobody grants a partial payment loan without having access to professional offers for credit check and forced collection.

Since it is a serious financing option without Credit Bureau information, the bank loan remains at home and abroad. In this case, the bank loan from home and abroad is retained. According to the current state of knowledge, only a Liechtenstein credit institution has (since 2009) mandatory permission to grant loans to German households. A serious credit without Credit Bureau information is limited to 3500 USD and in exceptional cases to 5000 USD loan amount.

Offering an instant loan without Credit Bureau is just as confusing.

Offering an instant loan without Credit Bureau is just as confusing.

The term “instant loan” is not secured. A quick payout is only possible because a real instant loan is processed in a simple procedure. If Credit Bureau were negative, this credit check would result in a secured credit rejection. The origin of the “imaginative” advertising structures cannot be derived from the financing house bank for financing without Credit Bureau.

With its takeover offer, BayernLB is examining a legally binding loan application without informing Credit Bureau. In addition, it offers freedom of choice between postal payment, approved microcredit or foreign bank transfers. The last real promise is not to report an approved loan to Credit Bureau if it is properly maintained in the contract. It’s amazing how these three promises without Credit Bureau become a lightning credit with payment in 24 hours.

It also sounds like if the promise not to question Credit Bureau leads to a loan without creditworthiness or without proof of creditworthiness. Almost all countries in geographical Europe have an almost similar right that requires an employee to review loan applications. If the creditworthiness cannot be clearly demonstrated, be it through individual case reviews or credit agencies, the loan application is rejected.

A serious credit note without Credit Bureau information differs from a German bank loan in only one aspect. Without a Credit Bureau excerpt, the employee cannot understand the status of a contribution. There are therefore credit options even if the negative booking has not yet been confirmed for settlement. Credit-preventing bookings, such as bankruptcy proceedings, are not only reported to Credit Bureau.

These are easily accessible through the district’s debt register

These are easily accessible through the district

When serious earnings are sought without Credit Bureau information, it is usually just a matter of fact that the demand for credit does not fail altogether. Normal credit institutions only look at the Credit Bureau excerpt or the score once and close the file without any further credit checks. In this case, alternative loans offered by credit institutions that are checked despite Credit Bureau would still be approved.

German credit providers, who despite Credit Bureau offer an individual case assessment, can use intermediaries. All the more risk-taking than credit institutions, private investors can think about the desired financing request because they could be reached via smartphone or Auxmoney. Not only a serious loan without Credit Bureau information is a good chance of negative Credit Bureau loans.


Installment loan comparison: secure top interest now!

How to make a loan request using our installment loan comparison

How to make a loan request using our installment loan comparison

It only takes a few minutes to make an inquiry to the bank of your choice about our installment loan comparison. Here we explain step by step how the credit request works:

  1. Enter the desired loan amount, term and purpose in the input mask.
  2. Compare the loan providers and terms with each other.
  3. Submit an application to the desired bank.

In order to determine the optimal loan conditions for you, the bank needs some information about your personal financing situation. Please fill out the application form with your personal data. After sending the credit request, you will receive a confirmation via email. Then a finance expert from Across Lender will contact you and send you an offer for the loan after clarifying all open questions.

If the conditions determined suit you, in the next step you sign the offer for the loan and you can submit it directly to the nearest post office. Please take your identity card with you so that your identity can be ascertained using the post-identification procedure. Alternatively, you can also identify yourself using the video identification process. The identity check is carried out by webcam from your computer, smartphone or tablet. After a final credit and legitimacy check by the bank, the amount will be credited to your account.

Advantages of online installment loan comparison

Advantages of online installment loan comparison

  • Compare different offers and conditions and find the installment loan that best suits your financial situation.
  • Make your loan request from the comfort of your own home, without having to take account of bank opening times or processing times.
  • With our installment loan comparison, you can benefit from exclusive special conditions and great offers.

And the best: Our installment loan comparison is for you

  • free,
  • not binding
  • and Credit Bureau-neutral.

This means that the credit inquiry via is only a so-called “inquiry credit condition”, which does not affect your Credit Bureau score. Credit Bureau will only find out about your request once you have signed a loan agreement with the bank and the latter then checks your creditworthiness.


Urgent Loan Despite Credit Bureau

“Credit without Credit Bureau” – this is how you receive a “loan despite Credit Bureau” In principle, no one can get past Credit Bureau who applies for a loan and / or makes a loan request. Express credit with immediate commitment payment within a few hours immediate payment by post Express credit without Credit Bureau Express credit despite Credit Bureau: summary. We will solve your money problems without receiving Postident Express credit. 

Express loan Despite Credit Bureau loan up to? 100,000.

Express loan Despite Credit Bureau loan up to? 100,000.

Which aspects have to be considered with “Urgent loan despite Credit Bureau”? This also includes a good financing option for the subject area “express credit despite Credit Bureau”. Basically, the guiding principle is applicable: The expenses incurred must be estimated as precisely as possible when disposing of the subject area “express credit despite Credit Bureau”. If possible, the amount required should not exceed the planned limit.

A watchful eye on your own income and expenses and the correct assessment of your own financial position are important prerequisites for a necessary loan process. Of course, this characteristic applies above all to the question of “express credit despite Credit Bureau”. It is important to be careful, correct and completely honest with all information about your creditworthiness and your own financial situation – with all information about your creditworthiness as well as your own financial situation on the subject area “express credit despite Credit Bureau” careful, honest and punctual.

This will definitely improve your chance of getting an emergency loan or an immediate loan application. The intermediary primarily helps you in the search for a domestic or foreign house bank for a suitable “loan without Credit Bureau”. Some intermediaries have good relationships with small banks, which offers the chance to get extremely favorable conditions for “express loans despite Credit Bureau”.

This gives the intermediary the opportunity to explain a negative entry into Credit Bureau so that he does not have as much influence in the credit check. In contrast, a loan application for “express loans despite Credit Bureau” is generally unsuccessful from the start at existing banks. With the “express loan despite Credit Bureau” a serious intermediary will always act in your sense.

Whether you need the share capital for your independence, a new car or you are planning a long trip – loans from foreign credits are being used more and more for financing. Could you contact Credit Bureau? Therefore, a negative credit rating or a bad Credit Bureau entry only plays a subordinate meaning when it comes to the subject area “Express Credit despite Credit Bureau”.

Such online loans are usually granted by Swiss credit institutions. This is of particular interest to those consumers who need financial support particularly quickly and who have already been rejected by German credit institutions. It is obvious that this group of people in particular has a particularly hard time with the subject area “express credit despite Credit Bureau”.

Individuals with financial problems often have no opportunity to get a loan. In the event of indebtedness or poor creditworthiness, the financing opportunity is significantly reduced. A Swiss loan can be a real alternative here. It is a loan granted by a Swiss financial institution. A negative Credit Bureau entry is not important for these institutions, since such an application is not made in practice, which makes the search for loans considerably easier.

In relation to the topic “express credit despite Credit Bureau”, this knowledge can almost be viewed as optimal. But even at Swiss financial institutions, you can’t spend money without a certain credit check. The Swiss house bank also requires you to provide proof of income and securities. With positive creditworthiness, the Swiss credit business offers a real opportunity for “Express Credit despite Credit Bureau”, even if you have a bad Credit Bureau entry.

Anyone looking for “express credit despite Credit Bureau” on the Internet probably means “credit despite Credit Bureau” or “despite a moderate credit rating”. Even if this is not done through Credit Bureau, it still happens through another credit bureau. Once a year, Credit Bureau provides both private and entrepreneurs with a free query for the “Credit Bureau Score”.

You can request your personal assessment (Credit Bureauscore) and information about whether any institutions have found out about you in the past few weeks at “MeineCredit Bureau”. On the other hand, an amount of 50 means that Credit Bureau assumes that a default is much more likely. Our tip: You can “delete a negative Credit Bureau entry” and it can happen very quickly that you do not make an upcoming payment.

The submitted credit request is rejected because of a bad credit bureau. However, in order to protect consumers, it is possible to have undesired access deleted from the Credit Bureau. Of course, such entries must be removed immediately. With a certain time, the entries will be removed from the Credit Bureau without your intervention.

People with debt or poor creditworthiness

People with debt or poor creditworthiness

People with debt or poor creditworthiness in particular urgently need the necessary capital. This is a loan from a Swiss bank. A negative Credit Bureau entry is not important for these institutions, since such an application is usually omitted, which greatly simplifies the credit check. This is an invaluable plus point, especially when it comes to the topic of “Express Credit despite Credit Bureau”.

Of course, you cannot issue a credit to Swiss financial institutions without a credit check and various income and securities certificates. If you are only concerned with a negative Credit Bureau entry, but your creditworthiness is in the green, the Swiss loan would be a real alternative solution for “Express Credit Despite Credit Bureau”. Until 2014, providers of financial services were allowed to bill applicants for the workload when applying for a loan or a letter of credit.

Calculating the “loan fees” for a loan application, including determining the borrower’s creditworthiness, has been illegal since January 1, 2014. This means that since 2014 no processing fees (an average of 1 – 3 percent of the loan amount) can be charged. However, “loans with a low credit rating” must also be paid in individual monthly installments.

As part of the monthly installment, these expenses are also included in the loan amount, although they are already included in the default interest. This is debt that someone uses to repay expensive debt at a slightly lower rate through debt rescheduling. Even if different bonds are to be combined into a single bond, a debt redeployment is advisable.

You can therefore deposit several loans when rescheduling. Nevertheless, the document to be moved can be closed at the same house bank. As you can see, rescheduling has several advantages. In the same sense, this also applies to a “Swiss loan” or a credit.

You cannot get money without a credit check. With an excellent credit rating, comparatively low interest rates are required. Are there bookings with Credit Bureau or other credit agencies? These are the requirements for the “express loan despite Credit Bureau” when you apply for a document from a loan broker … Different credit institutions have the option of obtaining a document, the so-called private document or the private part, even if they have poor creditworthiness.

The loan, on the other hand, is not managed by a conventional financial institution, but is instead granted by one or more people under the keyword “borrow money without Credit Bureau”. Notes on the “express credit despite Credit Bureau” It is important to think carefully about whether you can really repay an investment with insufficient Credit Bureau or a bad Credit Bureau result in full without any major problems.

Another reason for rejecting a loan application is often that the existing basic income is not too low to return the loan. So compare your income as realistically as possible with your costs before deciding on a “loan without Credit Bureau” or other financing option.

For a “loan with Credit Bureau entry” there is the option of a competent consultation, namely through a competent credit counselor. Anyone who has not asked for advice before taking out a carefree “loan despite Credit Bureau” has often slipped into a debt trap – with unforeseeable economic consequences. In addition, the credit intermediary can give a detailed recommendation for a combination of different loans, ie “debt restructuring despite Credit Bureau”.

If you appear to have been refused a “loan from Credit Bureau” or a “loan from Credit Bureau entry” by the house bank without justification, it may be possible that your Credit Bureau grade is incorrect. Attention: Without a doubt, you should take the opportunity to check the Credit Bureau results once a year free of charge and to remove incorrect or obsolete entries immediately.

Without Credit Bureau, it is generally not difficult to get a loan or to have an appropriate takeover offer. In fact, the fear of the Credit Bureau is completely immense. Nevertheless, several stubbornly wrong views have prevailed in many people’s minds. Because Credit Bureau creates bookings for every consumer, not just for those bank customers who have poor capacity utilization.

Strictly speaking, there can be a “loan despite Credit Bureau” or a “loan despite Credit Bureau entry” so that it does not exist. On the other hand there is the so-called “credit despite poor creditworthiness”. Because it is a process that is independent of accreditation, every consumer should look for a corresponding note at Credit Bureau. In fact, around 90 percentage points of all private individuals have cheap entries in the Credit Bureau.

Another third cliché: Credit Bureau immediately creates a negative or positive equivalent. There are a number of influencing factors for your own Credit Bureau value. Incidentally, this is one of the reasons why it is mistakenly referred to as “credit despite negative credit”. The correct term is “bad vendor loan” or “bad vendor loan”.

Something very surprising: Several financial institutions and affiliated credit agencies have found that the majority of consumers rated their creditworthiness as worse than it was. Once a year, a free inquiry is possible at the Credit Bureau. Problem with “express credit despite Credit Bureau”? If you have any problems with the search for “Loan Despite Credit Bureau”, please contact one of the specialist advisors in Germany.

Even if you are looking for a “loan despite Credit Bureau entry”, you can count on their support. Conclusion on the “express loan despite Credit Bureau”: Whether car loans, mini loans or instant loans – a certain minimum income is assumed for every loan with a bad rating or despite Credit Bureau, regardless of whether the creditworthiness is good or bad.